Patch Notes: August 7th (WIP)

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Patch Notes: August 7th (WIP)

Post by EterniaReborn » Fri Aug 06, 2021 11:14 am

New & Returning Rewards:

✱ Players who have not logged in the last 30 days will automatically receive an item in their inventory that will contain some bound items to help them catch up again. You are re-eligible for this gift after not logging in for 2 months.
✱ Newly registered accounts will receive a special cash package automatically in your purchases until August 14th.

Client Improvements:
✱ New Antihack implemented
✱ Client performance optimization
✱ DX8/DX9(Wrapper) Switcher for improved performance
✱ FPS Counter updated/adjusted
✱ Monster and Player render distance on screen has been greatly increased to stop annoying pop-in/pop-out that plagues LC

New Features:

✱ New Loyalty Points system has been added - These are added to your inventory similarly to gold and will allow you to purchase special items once our Arcadia Expansion launched. More details and ways to earn Loyalty Points will announced with our Expansion.
✱ Juno Map has been customized to allow for our visitors from Arcadia.
✱ Guild Rankings have been added to the game! Access them from the in-game guild action menu.

New Events:

⦁ During our lead up to our expansion we will be offering cash online to all eligible characters.
⦁ Cash Online will give 10 cash every 10 minutes.
⦁ Cash Online will only apply to characters above level 100.
⦁ Cash Online may become a permanent event with some adjustments after its trial period.
✱ NEW EVENT - The Prologue to Arcadia
⦁ Complete new quest like to prepare for Arcadia and unlock special daily/weekly quests to earn tokens to spend on items to help gear up your character!
✱ New Daily PVP Event - The Proving Grounds
⦁ Every day at 18:00 server time a request will be sent to all online players on Ch1 to join the Proving Grounds.
⦁ Inside the proving grounds you gain 1 PVP Token per kill and can continuously fight each other for 10 minutes before the event ends.
⦁ Kills inside the proving grounds will add towards a weekly ranking leaderboard that resets.
✱ New Daily PVE Event- Invasions have been added.
⦁ Invasions are a PVE event where once per day in certain maps, monsters will automatically spawn and players will be required to clear out these monsters to fight off the invasion.
⦁ During the Invasion, players will be able to collect a special Invasion currency which lets you purchase special items during the Prologue Event.
⦁ This feature will grow with each patch adding new invasions for each map with unique shops.
⦁ Invasions will have a points leaderboard that will reward the highest defender with a special title.

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