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Server Data Loss

Post by EterniaReborn » Tue Mar 16, 2021 10:19 pm

Unfortunately today, I bring you bad news.

We have received a separate notice from our host that our server is not able to be restarted, and that backups associated with it are non-recoverable. This directly contradicts what they previously told me at the end of last week. I have been waiting since receiving this notice and have been watching their updates for any signs that this may change. However it is becoming abundantly clear that this will not change. This news saddens me, and means all players progress is permanently lost. We can't do anything at this point but offer a full restart of the server. We understand if some players choose not to restart, and we respect that decision and only ask that you understand how unforeseen this issue has been for millions of people.

As for compensation, we will be offering players who create a new account (Not yet available) a cash package that will contain some things to help everyone get back to a decent place.

Included in the Compensation Package will be the following (Not Finalized):
1. A full lvl 200 +20 set, non-tradable
2. A set of jewels (level to be determined and more)
3. Various Cash Items to help speed up grinding
4. Several P2 Pets such as Jaguar/Elephant to help those that lost valuable buff pets
5. A level 200 Boost Item to allow you to boost a character instantly to lvl 200.
6. A Premium Character Package
7. A x2 Affinity Event for a week or two

The above list is not final and we welcome suggestions on what you think is fair. You can use our discord to suggest what you feel is fair.

Please remember the following when suggesting:
1. This package is sent to all accounts once.
2. Accounts can and will be farmed to abuse this as much as possible.
3. We must cater to all players equally.

For Donators:

We have full Paypal logs available still and will be able to credit back your accounts any purchase amount you made + 25% bonus as an apology. Please understand that you must provide the paypal email you donated with. To make this process smoother, we encourage you and every other player to use the same account name you used previously when registering a new account. You must request this via our Discord server and we have no automatic method due to account loss.

Again, we offer our sincerest apologies about this whole situation. While it was an impossible to predict incident, we are immensely sorry for what players have lost. We understand if it is too much for you, but hope to see you again.

We will have the server up and running with a fresh start on Thursday March 18th.

If we feel that we need more time, we may push back to Friday, however this should be sufficient time to set back up the server, website, and more.

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